At the Edge of the Forest, personal work.
Holy Cow!, for an art telephone game
Azura, personal work
Europe (The Great Tour), commissioned by Tactic Games
The Great Tour (The Great Tour), commissioned by Tactic Games
Lionfish mermaid, personal work
Assignment (The Orchestra), commissioned by HenMar Games
Double Bass (The Orchestra), commissioned by HenMar Games
French Horn (The Orchestra), commissioned by HenMar Games
Viola (The Orchestra), commissioned by HenMar Games
Quill, personal work
Roghirr, gift
Silent Hour, personal work
Spirit, personal work
Tiny Dragon, for a competition
Ukok’s tattoo, personal work
The Dutch Veluwe, personal work
Bananagiraffe, personal work
Behind the Scenes, commissioned by B Academy makeup
Blue loves you, personal work
Strobing, commissioned by GRLmag
Mermaid, personal work
Jerboa Road, personal work
Strawberrysaurus, personal work
Tanit Isis, personal work
Box (We Are), commissioned by Rielekst
Deer (We Are), commissioned by Rielekst
Peacock (We Are), commissioned by Rielekst
Stein Zupancic, personal work
Tiger's Girl, personal work
Moon and Snake, personal work
One Last Smoke, personal work
Kaftan Yellow, commission
Leather Rock Girl, personal work
Kaftan Magenta, commission
Girl, personal work
Falling, personal work
Share (The Cat Game), gift
Oooh (The Cat Game), gift
No Skills (The Cat Game), gift
Love (The Cat Game), gift
Greed (The Cat Game), gift
Fight (The Cat Game), gift

Joris himself

Little Joris grew up in a strange and fantastical world called ‘Earth’. Here he was told tales from the Attenborough and the Irwin who met the wondrous creatures that roam somewhere out there on the magical plains, islands, swamps, mountains and the forests

Now, a slightly bigger Joris makes illustrations to bring to life the imaginative ideas of others, like the life and growth of a tree in 999games’ 4 Seasons and a delightful ’60s Europe in The Great Tour for Tactic Games. Or how about the mythical, suspenseful and technological realms imagined by the writers in Pure Fantasy Magazine? These and many more are just a brush and a canvas away.

Say hello, and let me paint your visions.


Joris van Beusekom