Joris van Beusekom
 jorisvanbeusekom (a)
 +31 6 13 99 45 35

Thank you for considering me for your project.

Before we can start working, I require the following:

The style -you can refer to the portfolio titles for this: painted, flat and ink.
The content -what would you like me to draw?
The amount of images -allowing me to estimate the size and workload required.
The intended use -Do you represent a local magazine? An international board game? This allows me to work out the copyrights to the image(s).
A budget and/or deadline -if possible. These allow me to plan the workflow accordingly.

Contact me at jorisvanbeusekom (a)

I will reply as soon as possible.

For more detailed suggestions on how to commission illustrations, please click here to read the Association of Illustrators’ Guide to Commissioning.

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